The Old Danensians' Club


Membership of the Old Danensians' Club is open to former pupils and staff of Doncaster Grammar School, Doncaster High School for Girls, Hall Cross Comprehensive School, Hall Cross School and Hall Cross Academy.

Categories & Fees

Ordinary Membership (OM)                        £3 per annum, payable on 1st January each year.
Ordinary Life Membership (LM)                  £20, single subscription.

Become A Member

To become a member, please complete an application form or complete the web form below.

Lost Touch?

We know that we have lost touch with a number of Old Danensians.

We maintain a list of members for whom we know that we no longer have current contact details.

However, there may be others who have moved and not provided the Club with new contact details. If this is the case, please e-mail Juliet Gosney, Membership Secretary (

In addition, we send electronic versions of Club newsletters to those who have provided an e-mail address. Some e-mail addresses held in the Club's records are either incorrect or no longer valid.

If you know the contact details of any members for which we do not have a current, correct e-mail address, please e-mail Juliet Gosney, Membership Secretary (

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